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    Eagle Rock Adventures manages over 440 acres of premier hunting ground well known for their trophy whitetail bucks. We also have a growing wild turkey population. We have stocked ponds for fishing. We offer weekly hunting for deer and turkey. We limit the number of hunters authorized on our property so neither the hunters nor the wildlife are crowded or pressured. Our hunters are expected to be ethical and respectful to maintain the quality of the wildlife and the beauty of the environment. That means allowing any buck less than 2 ½ years old or less than a 125 to continue to grow and develop as well as taking an appropriate number of does each season. We also ask that you take no more than two bearded Turkeys per. season in accordence with ODNR regulations.We offer a fair chase hunt and strive for a special hunting experience at a fair price for all our hunters.


    If you're serious about hunting, Ohio is one of the best places in North America to hunt big Whitetails/Toms, and Eagle Rock Adventures offers you some of the best hunting available. We are not your traditional outfitter.We do not place you in a tree stand and leave you for the day – the same tree stand that someone else sat in yesterday and the day before, etc. In fact, 2011 was our first year of offering our weekly hunting option. This year we are offering our 440 acre property for whitetail deer hunting with a maximum of only six hunters per week! We are offering the same property for three or five day Turkey hunts for up to four hunters. We will give you a map and a tour of the property prior to the beginning of your hunt, share recent deer sighting and movement information, and offer advice on hunting strategies and positions. But in the end, you and your fellow hunters decide how your want to hunt the property.

    Trophy hunting takes plenty of productive land and minimal hunting pressure. We carefully limit the number of hunters at a time and during a season on our properties. This allows us to keep the pressure off our wildlife and maintain a premier hunting environment. In addition to a quality hunt, we'll do everything we can to treat you the way we like to be treated. We are honest and fair in all matters. Our goal is for you to enjoy and remember the hunting experience. If you are staying in our Eagle Rock Lodge, we are confident you will enjoy our beautiful and spacious lodge and hospitality. You'll find we take our hunting very seriously, but we like to have a good time while we're doing it, and we want the same for you. We believe that the sport of the hunt, beauty of nature, and fellowship with your fellow hunters is priceless!

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